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We’re not about spark joy, we want to hack it!

We live in a world that is forever time poor and there’s no sign of it easing. We must make the most of what we have and seek out and enjoy the joy.

No one has the time that we want and so one of the biggest hacks of all is to find the time for joy. Often as busy business people any freed up time can be filled with more work, more meetings, more emails.

Stop it!

Make the most of your newly won time and fill up your cup, fill it with joy doing what you love with the people you love.

These wonderful and often simple moments will make all the difference, personally and professionally.

A wonderful business woman and the biggest joy hacker I know, Kelly Jamieson, Founder Edible Blooms, imparted some of her top tips to save time so she can hack joy.

The rule of 90%

The final ten percent can be as time consuming as the first 90 percent. Be happy to live at 90 percent consistently, delivering the most that you can.

Choose YOUR people

You get to choose who your friends are. Reflect on who you want around you in your circle. The people you want are the ones who lift you up through encouragement and support.

The three month rule

What if I needed to be on leave for three months. Can tasks be automated and delegated? Pretend you’re leaving for three months (or actually do it) and see what can be done by others and what can be done more efficiently.

One list wonder

Are you a Virgo? Do you love lists? Refine, refine, refine. For all tasks from your personal life, your business and homelife put it all in one place, on one list.

You’ve Got Email

Don’t get run by your email. Plan the day in blocks of time on your email and calendar so you can spend dedicated time where your focus is required. Find a system to get through your inbox (if you can) such as sorting by sender, so you can clear things out quickly and that little number on the badge will go down.

Do you have any time saving tips to hack joy?

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