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It’s so easy to get excited and run to new and shiny things, I get it, but for a brand don’t let temptation get in the way.

What makes a brand strong and powerful? Consistency. It’s brand and marketing101 yet it’s never spoken about.

It’s as simple as maintaining your brand colours and fonts when sharing them in the public sphere. By mixing things up with new styles or trends the core value of the brand can be forgotten and as a result you may confuse your customers.

There is an element of psychology behind it because we as consumers trust consistency, trust is loyalty and loyalty = dollars.

Customers have micro moments and these moments are gut feelings, good or bad, that cause us to purchase (or not). Consistency from a brand that results in brand recognition and brand trust are a few examples of these micro moments.

We also find that If communications across a business (social, sales, marketing, PR) don’t talk to each other and share a different message it will lead to brand confusion.

Successful brands have campaigns that might be slightly changed here or there but ultimately are easily identifiable.

So when wanting to evolve and grow the business, what do you do? Ask your customers, they’re the ones that will know what is recognisable and then adapt.

Don’t be afraid of being consistent. Carry the essence of your brand through whatever activity it is that you’re doing.

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