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Does a brand need a soul?

I say yes, and heres why. 

The brand soul has a lot of other names – architecture, map, and heart – but I like soul. 

I first heard about this concept in Simon Sineks Why model TEDTalk where he talks about the why what and how of business.

Its about a vision that can be separated into four quadrants: Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit. 

Mind = thinking. 

What do we do? What does our brand do for people?

Body = physical. 

How does my brand move? How does it act and operate?
A brands values and its tone of voice. 

Heart = ever-present pulse.

The all-important why.
This is the reason for being; why you exist as a brand. 
Its about what contribution youre making and what impact that has on the customer. 

Spirit = vision. 

Its the future state that guides us.
If your brand is as successful as it can be, whats the future state youre striving for?

So thats the four quadrants but how do you apply them?

Easy. In decision making. 

When youre hiring people or choosing brands and people to collaborate with, all you need to do is ask, Does this align with my brand soul? Does this feel right?

A brand soul is not you – the business owner or CEO – on a page but it does have to be about what motivates you, and what is meaningful and aligned to you. 

And it can be fun to flesh it out by figuring out what color, car, song, or celebrity embodies your brand soul. 

Having and using a brand soul is not only a great way to save management time; its also an excellent tool for defining the ideology of a business which is what ultimately attracts the right customers, staff, and stakeholders.

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