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I don’t see your business for what it is. I see what it could be.

When business owners need concise, insightful advice, they turn to me.

I don’t own a crystal ball (yet) but I’m known for seeing the shifts in business before they occur.

I understand exactly when to overhaul or pivot to stay one step ahead.

Meet Kim

I’m the founder and CEO of one of Australia’s leading independent agencies (the very first social communications agency, in fact) and I  can help you:

– Future-proof your business

– Create unforgettable brands

– Be one step ahead of your competitors

– Create a thriving, happy workplace culture





Few people have such a comprehensive understanding of communication, influence + brand. Everything Kim does has a remarkable level of creative authenticity that resonates with commercial outcomes.

Quentin Long

Quentin Long

Co-Founder, Australian/International Traveller

Kim McKay is exceptional in the strategic management and marketing space. Kim understands that in a “sea of sameness” the need to create a uniquely ownable destination brand positioning is a non-negotiable.

Andrew Powrie

Andrew Powrie

Senior Economic Development and Destination Manager

Kim McKay is a true leader in every sense of the word. She’s a powerful force in an industry that needs someone with her vision and insight. Kim has been instrumental in helping my business, The Goodnight Co, sell the idea of sleep.

Shea Morrison

Shea Morrison

Co-Founder, The Goodnight Co

Kim McKay is that rare combination of a straight talking pragmatist and an open-minded ideas person.

She understands where business is heading and she can help take you there.

Emma Castle

Emma Castle

Co-Founder, Women in Tourism

The Super Vision session is a must do for leaders looking for clarity. 90 minutes with Kim gives you the direction and focus you need to hit the ground running. I walked away with fresh eyes, clear perspectives and great introductions to fabulous people in her network, I can highly recommend investing in this session.

Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson

Founder, Edible Blooms

When I think about ‘change’ in business, I always think of Kim, as there’s no other person I’ve had the privilege of working for and with that’s so bang-on when it comes to navigating an ever-evolving work and consumer landscape. When it came to next strategic steps for our business, it felt like a no-brainer to bring in Kim to get clarity on the approach.

Amy Parfett

Amy Parfett

Co-Founder, Wedshed & Gravy

The product and workshops are EXCELLENT. The bespoke nature of the workshops make it so unique and we didn’t feel rushed… we felt guided. The Brand Soul has been so helpful – it helped guide us and really look closely at who we were as a brand and the way forward.

Sally Obermeder

Sally Obermeder

Co-Founder, SWIISH

I did one Super Vision with Kim which provided me insight into areas of my business I need to refocus on if I want to see growth. Kim assisted me in prioritising how to structure our small team and work towards a more productive workplace culture. So appreciative of the insight she gave me and the tools she provided me during and after our session together.


Jessy Marshall

Founder & Director, Hive HQ

Super Vision

Every business needs an architect.

Someone with an inspiring vision. Then you need a great blueprint. Finally, you need an expert who has the lay of the land to guide you seamlessly through the process.

When it's time to launch or pivot, I am your secret weapon. I will identify what your business needs and provide the creative solutions and connections to make it happen.

I'm ready to make your vision a reality.


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