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I have had a lot of feedback from friends, clients and colleagues who have reached out to me years later telling me that they still do that thing that I taught them.

So I thought I would share some hacks and tips that I have discovered (or created) that might help you in some shape or form.

The rule of six

Whenever I’m in a panic or stressful situation I apply the rule of six. Is this still going to be a problem in 6 minutes, 6 hours, 6 days, 6 months or 6 years?

Evaluate the problem and apply valid concern, you will probably shake off any thought it was a problem in the first place.

The 4 D’s of email

I really try to limit my use of email so when I do use it I want to be as efficient as possible.

Carve out time to conquer your inbox and turn off notifications to decrease distractions. I try to only open an email once and once it’s open I either do it, delete it, defer it or delegate. If there’s an email in my inbox it requires action.

The imobile mobile

Mobile phones are your tool of convenience not anyone else’s. Take back control of your communications.

It’s e-tox not detox

About 10 years ago I started an annual e-tox where I would go away for one week and stay clear of the internet and any work.

If a week away isn’t possible, aim for a day on the weekend where you can have as much time as you can away from notifications and aimless scrolling.

What can’t you see? 

People (and businesses) often focus on what they can measure, this may be a dollar figure, a percentage or even the numbers on the scales. But there are areas that are just as important in life and business that can’t be measured and still deserve your time and attention and sometimes they can be more important.

Get your energy right

If you’re doing something and struggling with it, take a step back and return to a task or job when the energy is right. You will be more efficient because if you’re bringing the wrong energy there will be no good outcome.

The last rule

Don’t follow anyone else’s rules. What works for me might not work for you. But how do you make your own rules?

Figure out how you learn in life and go from there. Is it trial and error? Your gut will tell you what works.

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