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I believe that there is nothing more important than creativity in business (and I have the empirical data to back it up). 

The most creative companies are the most successful companies, despite what your finance department might think. 

The art of creativity is about creating opportunities out of problems – and making those opportunities a reality. 

It’s not enough to simply be creative. You need a team of people converting those ideas into a reality. Once they’re real, your business will stand out. 

The good news is that while the ideas need to be big, the budget doesn’t need to be. 

Sometimes we save creativity for big problems but we should be doing it for everything, from the way we answer the phone, to the way we write a social media ad or what we put in our out of office message. 

You need to work your creative muscles because the more you do it, the better you will be. 

All the businesses that are disrupting, advancing, improving and innovating are creative. It’s about not following the beaten path. 

Creativity is 100% human. It can’t be replicated by AI or sent offshore. It’s a form of protection against being replaced. 

You’re probably being creative 100 times a day so tune in and become aware of it. Focus on it and reward it. What you focus on, you improve. Being good at creativity is something that is available to all of us so flex those creative muscles and watch yourself get better every day.

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