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I can’t believe it’s been one year since I launched my podcast, Straight Forward.

The episodes are up and there forever. One of the most exciting things has been the caliber of guests, there’s more yet to air and some still to be interviewed. Can’t wait!

What was most scary and exciting for me was introducing people to Human Design. It is a tool that I have been using for the past 3-4 years and it has radically changed my life and my ability to make decisions that’s in alignment with myself, and allowed me to flow with things that have happened along the way.

If you haven’t shifted a lot I can guarantee the world has shifted underneath you and if you take anything from this, let it be inspiration to make some holy shifts of your own.

We know from science and philosophy that people regret inaction more than taking action.

But big shifts and changes require perfect timing, there was nothing perfect about the pandemic, but it was perfect timing to prove to us to make that change happen.

Timing is so critical in change. It can happen to us or it can be created by us. I am in the camp of creating change and creating shifts. I can sometimes make the shifts too early which I will then have to pay in time and resources but I never regret making or creating those changes.

The biggest shift for me started a couple of weeks before lockdown in March 2020. I had been playing with the concept and talking with clients about moving from force to flow in their marketing and comms. Stop forcing their agenda and flow with the news agenda, it felt economically better for them because of the time and money spent forcing messages where they weren’t going to land.

So when Covid hit, I took my own advice.

I stopped forcing new business wins, stopped people trying to take our ideas onboard. We were given the biggest reset we ever had and I chose to go with the flow.

Take a breath, the great pause. I paused. It didn’t mean I didn’t change or start new things but I stepped back on forcing things.

I started a business in the cannabis industry, I started a podcast and I started this website.

Going with the flow doesn’t mean doing nothing, it means responding to the changes that are happening in a way that are aligned to you.

What can you shift right now?

Humans are hardwired to resist change, we have been built to stay safe and secure. Change sometimes is scary but it can be effective and it can be fun. It’s fueled by emotions and not logic. Tapping into those emotions can make ‘scary’ change, effective and fun.

By using mind, body and spirit, fueled by emotion and going in the right direction, you can create effective and meaningful change.

Mind = belief, you need to believe this is the right change for you

Body = action, you need to take action to make that change

Spirit = desire, your change has to link to your purpose

2022, feels like the last chance to realise that things aren’t going back to ‘normal’. You need to get clarity on what’s important. Transformation is something that you can create or you might be transformed in a way that you might not be ready for.

My advice, let’s get ready, let’s do the big shift. Let’s make shift happen.

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