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Kim McKayBusiness architect

Before I tell you about myself, let’s start with you.

You’re a business owner who’s ready to lead with heart. You understand that emotion, energy and opportunity are the core tenets of a future-focused business.

You’re a dynamic leader with a vision: to create the happiest, healthiest and most sustainable version of your business, where everyone thrives.

You’re ready to hear the no-bullshit truth about your business and the changes it needs.

Now, about me.

I’m a business architect. I’ve created and improved brands and businesses for 20 years by looking to the future. Researching, prognosticating, then building.

I’m on top of world-leading strategies and insights and have a knack at knowing what’s coming. Time and time again, I’ve seen what’s on the horizon and made changes in my own agency and for my clients that have ensured we are one step ahead. Let me tell you about it .

I have generated over $50 million in revenue in my own business, which has been recognised with over 100 awards.

My clients choose me because I have a rare combination of creative and analytical thinking; of big ideas and straight-talking solutions.

I have an amazing network of contacts and experts to make it happen.

I can help you with:

● New business models

● Advising on the future of work

● Solving business + brand challenges

● Creative business practices

● Brand positioning and customer engagement

● Creating new IP, products, services

● Radical changes to pricing and value

● Delivering award-winning work

● Teamwork, collaboration, innovation

Are you ready? Let’s chat.


A selection of awards that have recognised my team and I over the last few years.   

2015 - 2020
CommsCon Employer of the Year
B&T Women in Media PR Winner
Women in Travel Mentor of the Year
Golden Bridge Best Entrepreneur
B&T Women in Media Powerlist
CommsCon PR Leader of the Year
AdNews Employer of the Year
Promax (USA) Entertainment Marketing
#7 Featured Apple Podcast
#9 Apple Podcasts - Entrepreneur


Sharing experiences and insights on different media platforms

Apart from that...

When I’m not in K/M mode, you can find me diving into projects and chasing my neverending curiosity.

I enjoy travel (who doesn’t?), sharing new experiences with friends and learning from the best (find out more below).

Most of all, I focus on (my version of) success: constant progress.The best kind of progression comes from collaboration. I want to work with great people and do brobdingnagian things. Join me.

In Paris, Eiffel in love
4 Days that changed me
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