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We’ve all heard of the stories of overnight success on social media. But it doesn’t always last. So the question is when should you start working with an agency to scale your business?

I say, immediately.

One of the best ways of building a brand is through social media. By engaging with an agency from the get go is an investment upfront that will save time and money down the track.

We can and have been blindsided by Instagram success stories. In early 2020 e-commerce (especially in wellness) was having its heyday and businesses saw huge organic growth. Fast forward six months things started to slow down and it’s these businesses that are now seeking help to boost their business and now pay to play.

“Don’t start a business unless you have the budget to allow an expert” Kim McKay

The landscape is forever changing so why try and keep up with it when an expert can do it for you?

Some expert info and insights to scale with social:

  • Ads are the cherry on top. You must have a good product, for repeat purchase and rave reviews
  • Do you have a price point that people are willing to buy? You want your customers to advocate for your brand
  • Brands spending more than 5k in ad spend have more stable sales, any less and it becomes more volatile
  • New brands should start at the 2–2.5k mark and then scale up to reach stability
  • Build a database so changing platforms is painless
  • Future proof your business, understand your profit margins and the cost to acquire a customer
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