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Values are your guiding compass. 

They make you who you are, show you the way forward and they hold your hand when you need to remind yourself what’s important.   Or you can think of it this way, deep down, these are measures you use to tell if your life and business is turning out the way you want.   As an example, if you value integrity is that showing up in your life? 

Traditional thinking states that values shouldn’t change but I don’t always agree with that. 

Values can and most likely should evolve as we evolve. 

And if your values sound like they could belong to anyone, it’s time to review them. 

Values need to be personally meaningful to everyone, but especially to senior management. 

Take our values at Klick X (my consulting firm),  they are: light, freedom and entrepreneurship. 

This might need a little bit of explaining. 

Light means that we work to a higher vibration. We are attuned to the lighter way of life, being in flow. We believe in collaboration, not competition. 

Light also means you’re leading the way. 

Freedom is about our flexible approach to work. We don’t want people who are exhausted and depleted. We don’t win if you lose. 

Everything needs to be sustainable. That’s why we want our people to do their best work when they can. It’s about moving from force to flow. 

Finally, entrepreneurship is all about being driven, committed and commercially minded. We know that we need to keep the success of our business, and the businesses we work with, in mind at all times. 

We promote the hell out of our values internally but externally, it’s about what we do, not about what we say. 

The question you need to ask yourself is are you really willing to really put your values into action?

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