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Are you still doing brainstorms? I have news for you. There’s a better way!

Creativity is the biggest predictor in success for any business and in any sector. It’s those businesses that have a depth of creativity through them that seem to change the world and move the world forward.

Idea’s Led Organisations (ILO) are open to ideas and shepherds them through the ideas that can come from anywhere, they bring them to life and have constant feedback.

Coming up with ideas can be a lot, but the idea generation doesn’t stem from brainstorms. During ideation often people will look towards the HIPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) and ideation can be stifled.

Four things to do to achieve a great ideation with a group.

  1. Don’t do it as a group. Individual ideation needs to come first. Ask them to bring three ideas to the group.
  2. Really understand the problem. Identify the problem and the answers will come easier.
  3. Share the ideas around the room by a random order and avoid the HIPPO. Order of birth dates as an example, it will avoid any hierarchy.
  4. Creativity then comes from connecting two ideas together and let it SIT (space, inputs and time). Space away from when you thought about it. Input, absorb information about it and time to let it sit and percolate.

Brainstorms were created in the 1940’s and what do we still do from 80 years ago? So why are we still doing brainstorms?

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