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Are you in sales? Yes, we all are.

We are all selling something whether it’s us, our business, our products, getting our employees to see our vision or even getting the kids to eat their vegetables.

A lot of people get the ick from the word ‘sales’ so how do we conquer it?

We need to reframe the word ‘sales’, to building amazing relationships, solving problems and delivering value. That way people may shift their thoughts and feelings around the word because ultimately we need to sell to people like a human.

Top tips:

  • People buy from people – create relationships and solve problems
  • Track everything – we’re busy, flooded inboxes, meetings, homelife. Track convos in an excel so you can see what is and what isn’t working
  • Only sell to your ideal customer – knowing who your customer is and understand who they are – this will also save time

Sales tools that are helpful and affordable:

  • Use a spreadsheet (excel or Google) and jot everything down. Who’s the customer, what are you selling, what’s the conversation and how likely they are to buy from you
  • Pipedrive – Is an affordable sales tracker
  • Hubspot – Awesome CRM tool but the costs can creep up
  • Zoom/Google Hangouts – Are invaluable for calls with customers
  • Soap Box – or other screen recording tools for times when you can’t be in the same room or zoom

Understand how your customer likes to be communicated with. If they like to text, start texting. If they prefer to communicate over IG, keep sliding in those DM’s or if calling is their preference then jump on the phone. Don’t get stuck in your habits and talk to your customers the way they want to be spoken to.

What has been learnt through the pandemic is that it doesn’t have to be face-to-face selling, we think it will work better but that’s just not the case. We can and have built relationships virtually.

Some can be reluctant sales people but when you realise you are helping people and improving their life then your mindset around sales will change. Customers stop being a prospect and stop being targets and become people you just want to help out.

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