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Before you start any project or business. Stop and think about the impact that you want to have.

Almost every business has a mission statement. A mission statement says what you do but an impact statement says why you do it and unless you can quantify the impact that you want to make on paper you are missing the trick.

If you want to improve something you need to measure it. If you can’t measure the impact that you want to have then what’s the point of having the words on the page if there’s no substance behind it?

The concept of an impact statement is the first of many steps for a business.

Here’s four parts that comprise of an impact statement:

  1. Mission statement – What you do
  2. Connector – Add the words “so that” afterwards
  3. Calm goal – Number of people you want to reach in a time frame. Keep it CALM (Clear, Achievable, Living, Measureable)
  4. Why – The core of why you’re really doing something

Here’s an example: To teach people how to create and refine the impact they want to have so that 50 people a month are more motivated, fulfilled and clear on how they can contribute to the world.

You can’t go wrong in business with an impact statement. You can only do the right thing for your team and your customer because it will keep you on track, the right track.

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