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If you didn’t know this about me yet, I am big into meditation and mindfulness.

I fill up my cup with Kelee meditation.

So what is Kelee? Heard of bottling emotion?

Kelee translates to vessel, a vessel for your soul, and holds all your life experiences, harmonious and disharmonious emotions. With the emotional bottle there’s lots we want to hold on to (bottle up) such as love, compassion and kindness, things that serve us but the disharmonious and emotional baggage that hasn’t been addressed can sit and become stagnant inside of us.

Kelee (our vessel) should be free flowing and serving us, not collecting garbage or things we don’t understand to turn into fear.

How does meditation work? What does it look like?

It’s practical and achievable. Kelee is a simple 5 minute practice that teaches you how to still your mind and help you begin to find and train your conscious awareness. Like how your thoughts and emotions impact your life. Once you have learnt how to still your mind it will help to dissipate the thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you for good.

It’s 5 minutes because there’s no tools. It’s a non-doing process and you sit within your conscious awareness.

5 minutes in the morning with some journaling afterwards, 5 minutes in the evening and some journaling afterwards.

It’s simple, yet profound.

Kelee has changed so many lives and people find that things that used to bother them don;t anymore.  

It can be a gamechanger. Keep troubleshooting your mind and become aware of being present because you don’t want to feel like we’re just getting through life.

Over the past ten years there has been a growth in the practice of Kelee from sporting teams, the corporate and medical industry’s and something that every great leader should look into because you need to be able to practice it to believe it.

It needs to start with you.

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