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Recently I tested an AI bot to create social media captions. Out of 21 suggested posts (for a specific topic I recommended), 14 of them I could have used and six of them I probably couldn’t have done any better myself!

Let me clarify, I am not a writer and I am known for the speed of which I do things, which often means quite often I need to go back and make amends. I had to make little changes which was pleasantly surprising.

Which made me think, what will become of writers? Of us?

With the impressive technology continuing to grow and become more informed thanks to bots forever learning, true creativity will become more valuable.

How do you measure a human level of human creativity?

We will see more tech coming out to determine if something has been written or created by a bot. Google will likely prioritize human-made content and avoid ‘Black Hat’ content. But only time will tell.

For the moment we’re excited by AI technology but I predict that we will crave and appreciate the human connection.

The takeaway, get your face out there, because if an AI can come up and create the knowledge then it’s up to you in how you present that knowledge.

Move like water, change is constant, harness it and make it work for you.

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