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Where do we start with a life plan?

Firstly lay the foundation and establish what are your values. There’s so much meaning to life when we know what our values are.

Values aren’t personality traits, they are what’s most important to you. For example it may be health, so what can you do to ensure your physical and mental health?

Another may be family happiness. This is how you show up as the partner, the parent etc and it’s how you show up every day.

Start with three words of values and put them out there to remind you.

And values can change with life experiences and lessons but not as often as you may think. Every 5-10years think about the words that are in your belly.

There’s a constant in life and its change. Find the opportunity in change.

Plan B can be better than Plan A. It’s about embracing the change. We get thrown curveballs and there’s no manual for a bump in the road.

We’re hardwired to resist change and need to retrain the brain to cope. Give it a road map. Where our focus goes the energy flows.

Build beautiful strategies to support you as a human being that supports the nervous system to be able to cope with change. Some people love change, look for it, to grow and to flourish. Some people lean into it. It’s exciting. But some need to pace themselves before potential to burn out.

Develop your own unique recipe for how you start and finish the day. By doing these things such as making the bed, moving your body, mindfully breathing and listening to music, everyday, you will have a great journey.

Embrace the pace and reground yourself and go back to your values.


Identify when you feel a little burnt. Connect with self everyday.

Here’s a life hack…Habit stack!

From mindful breathing when you’re in the shower, washing your hands slowly and rehydrating. Build habits into things that you’re already doing because 80% of the day is habit.

Fine tune your habits. What can you do while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or brushing your teeth? Get the blood flowing, refuel and restore.

High performance means we have to be truly connected to what we’re doing and how we’re doing and seeing if it works.

Just remember it’s ok because life happens.

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