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Finding your why is definitely a process but it is even more important than the what and how.

The why is the core of purpose and the meaning we make of life.

It’s a process and journey and the same thing might not work for each person. It’s valuable and worthwhile.

It’s a part of where you come from. Habits, beliefs, influences and where you’re at now. It’s self awareness and who you are in your identity as well as how people see you.

How to unlock or move you towards your why? Your best future possible self. Think about sometime in the future, maybe 5 years away and what would your life look like if everything went as well as possible.

Give our future selves some credit. We get stuck in the minutia of the minute and need to look forward.

We should be living in the present, so be in touch with what’s happening right now and feel grateful.

The first half of our lives we are climbing the first mountain and the second half is when you ask how you can consciously curate the second half of your life.

The big takeaway from finding your why is better understanding of what you have been through and making sense of that. It validates the feelings you have now and can therefore prepare you for any transition that may affect us as we go through life.

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