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Why did I decide to make a podcast? 

Well, this sounds a little woo woo but the idea for this podcast came to me in a meditation. 

From the moment it popped into my head, I knew exactly what the format would be and what I would call it. 

Straight Forward is on-brand for me. I have always been told that I am straight forward with the feedback and advice I give people.  You could also say, I’m a no BS business person.

I dont beat around the bush and felt the podcast world needed a powerful, short-form antidote to lengthy, sometimes endless conversations.    

Ironically, we know that nothing in life or business is straight forward or linear, so my hope is that this podcast will help some people skip a painful step, or miss a mistake. 

One thing I have always known is that I am born to do more than one thing – I always need to be thinking or planning whats next. 

I hope this podcast is helpful to business owners and leaders who want to future-proof their enterprise.



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