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Whether you like it or not, your personal brand is more important than ever. It’s time to put aside your fears, put your face to your business, and get out there.

Tips for business owners:

  • If you’re building your business you need to put your name and face to your brand. If you’re an introvert you will need to get over your fear.
  • When you’re handling your business on social platforms, figure out what is specific for each platform. E.g Tik Tok requires a different version to you than LinkedIn. The algorithms are different and so you should be too.
  • An introvert can still create a brand presence without entering the extrovert zone

If you’re building your personal brand you need to create native content on the platform itself, it can’t be outsourced.

Hot tip: The algorithm matters and a little bit of ad spend will go a long way.

Are people stuck in their social media platform habits? The older generation has more resistance but the platforms have changed, do change and are changing so we need to keep up especially if it impacts getting your personal brand out there.

Because more and more people are looking for the person behind the brand.

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