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Ready to progress towards your vision?

In this 90-minute virtual session, I will work with you on both your brand and business with the aim to give you peace of mind and focused on the right things.

You set the agenda for this session but as a starting point, here are some of the topics we could tackle in your Super Vision session.

What are the key pillars that will deliver your success

I can guide you to make the right decisions, spot patterns and issues, set direction, turn ideas into action, find alternative ways to succeed and solve problems.

Is your brand set up to compete and win? Is it future proof?

Are you measuring the right things? Are you measuring right? 

I can help you birth new ideas. Together you can co-create ideas and systems that work for you. 

I’m a gateway – a business matchmaker and connector with a network of experts that can implement your key strategies.


I will bring my decades of business and brand experience and knowledge of current consumer trends to give you the insights and direction you need to make this your most successful year. 


What you get:

90 minutes with me –
You set the agenda  
Action oriented – Focused on insights you can action now  
Video recording – Yours to keep


The Super Vision session is a must do for leaders looking for clarity. 90 minutes with Kim gives you the direction and focus you need to hit the ground running. I walked away with fresh eyes, clear perspectives and great introductions to fabulous people in her network, I can highly recommend investing in this session.

Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson

Founder, Edible Blooms

We booked in a visioning session and – no surprises for anyone that knows Kim – ended our time armed with a framework and an incredible sense of ease and inspiration over where to from here. If you need direction, need an expert opinion from an astute business-person whose career experience serves any industry or just need a dose of B2B real talk, I can’t recommend this session enough.

Amy Parfett

Amy Parfett

Co-founder, Wedshed & Gravy

I did one Super Vision with Kim which provided me insight into areas of my business I need to refocus on if I want to see growth. Kim assisted me in prioritising how to structure our small team and work towards a more productive workplace culture. So appreciative of the insight she gave me and the tools she provided me during and after our session together.


Jessy Marshall

Founder & Director, Hive HQ
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