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Motion Design & Animation 3d Studio.


Motion Design

Our digital footage creates the illusion of motion and is perfect for use in multimedia projects (commercial) if combined with audio.

2d/3d Animation

The objects are created by traditional drawing method and are designed to fit your visual product and/or design project perfectly.

Leading web design specialist who knows quality products

John Carter

Web Designer
The most amazing animated effects are created right here!

Jenna Moore

Animation Designer
Need illustrations? Let me know and I will get it done for you

Henry Jones

Graphic Designer
Who We Are

We are creative motion graphic designers.

We are located in Big City which makes things easier. Visit our office and see the awesome creative team of young designers!


The product and workshops are EXCELLENT. The bespoke nature of the workshops make it so unique and we didn’t feel rushed… we felt guided. The Brand Soul has been so helpful – it helped guide us and really look closely at who we were as a brand and the way forward.

Sally Obermeder

Co-Founder, SWIISH

When I think about ‘change’ in business, I always think of Kim, as there’s no other person I’ve had the privilege of working for and with that’s so bang-on when it comes to navigating an ever-evolving work and consumer landscape. When it came to next strategic steps for our business, it felt like a no-brainer to bring in Kim to get clarity on the approach.

Amy Parfett

Co-Founder, Wedshed & Gravy

We booked in a visioning session and – no surprises for anyone that knows Kim – ended our time armed with a framework and an incredible sense of ease and inspiration over where to from here. If you need direction, need an expert opinion from an astute business-person whose career experience serves any industry or just need a dose of B2B real talk, I can’t recommend this session enough.

Amy Parfett

Co-founder, Wedshed & Gravy

Let’s Work Together

Just write about your project!

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