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About Me

I’m the conversion copywriter for you.

View the range of our services and projects that we perform internationally with huge love and care.
Who We Are

A team with vision, conviction and skill.

We are located in Big City which makes things easier. Visit our office and see the awesome creative team of young copywriters!

We booked in a visioning session and – no surprises for anyone that knows Kim – ended our time armed with a framework and an incredible sense of ease and inspiration over where to from here. If you need direction, need an expert opinion from an astute business-person whose career experience serves any industry or just need a dose of B2B real talk, I can’t recommend this session enough.

Amy Parfett

Co-founder, Wedshed & Gravy

The Super Vision session is a must do for leaders looking for clarity. 90 minutes with Kim gives you the direction and focus you need to hit the ground running. I walked away with fresh eyes, clear perspectives and great introductions to fabulous people in her network, I can highly recommend investing in this session.

Kelly Jamieson

Founder, Edible Blooms

I have had the great pleasure working with Kim McKay from a global perspective.

I have seen Kim work across both US and Australian markets, where she has recruited and retained the best people in global segments to produce outstanding results.

Perhaps the most impressive element around Kim McKay is her humble nature, where I am unsure if she fully understands the impact she leaves across the travel industry.

Leslie Dance

VP – Marketing (previous) | Hawai'i Tourism Authority
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